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​We have been working on a new euro game, fun for all ages, called Tricksters Escapade.  We hope to successfully launch this fun and colorful game so that it can be enjoyed by people around the world.  Tricksters Escapade will be launched on Kickstarter some time early 2017.  This game introduces a set of fun mythical characters and lets people be competitive, but have an enjoyable time.  As a family company we understand the issue with trying to find something the whole family can do together, which is why we made this game that is able to be played by a wide range of ages for up to 7 people.


Welcome!  Dream Options is a family owned company that involves generations who have come together to create unique, strategic games that will let people and families have a way to have a fun time together.  We hope to kick off our business and be able to sell the games that we create.  We believe that families that play games together stay together.​​​