​​​Our other members include my husband, Robert Smith, who has constantly helped me produce and edit this game.  My Mother and Father, Carol and Carl Hansen, have also constantly supported me and have helped design and tweak the game.  They are both retired and on Carl's free time, he helps make wooden toys for sick and needy kids with the ToyMakers.  Our family members love playing Tricksters Escapade when we get together.

​We have seen the impact board & card games have had on our family.  We have years of great memories from playing games.  We want to give back by sharing Tricksters Escapade with the rest of the world.   We have introduced Euro games to many new friends and have seen how fun it is to share the world of games with others.  Personally I've worked on this game so much and it's been such a big part of my life that my goal and the company's goal is to be able to launch this game off of Kickstarter so that it can be produced and sold to many.

Hello, my name is Rebecca Smith and I'm the founder of Dream Options!  Growing up, my fondest childhood memories were playing board games and cards late into the night with my family.  We are all competitive, so we had fun beating our family members.  Still to this day, holidays are about getting together with our family and close friends, which always involves tables of game playing.  As we have gotten older, the kids now have kids of their own.   I have 13 nieces/nephews and 2 children.  So, now we have 3 generations playing games together.  Our kids are close to their grandparents and enjoy the bonding experience they get from spending quality time together.  Although my children enjoy the electronic era as much as any other kid, they always ask for board games for Christmas and their Birthday.  Apparently the 200+ games we already own are not enough. 

​So why start designing games?

O​ur ​S​tory