​Tricksters Escapade is a fun individual game that involves some team work and brings out your competitive side.  Those who win the round earn gold coins.  Our designers have had a blast coming up with this game and are extremely excited to show others this wonderful game!  We hope to successfully launch Tricksters Escapade so that it will be sold to and enjoyed by many!

Tricksters Escapade is a 2 to 7 player trick taking card game.  It brings to life magical creatures of all kinds that have come together to find a treasure of gold.  You can now join the fight to find the most gold in this new game.  The deck is first made with a certain number of cards from each suit and new cards are added in throughout the game.  The suits are different colors, each represented by one of our mythical characters.  We have ensured that each game will be completely different as you play strategically and with a pinch of luck.  Throughout the game each player gets leprechaun cards that will help them out as they try to take down the other players.  But don't get too worried, you will have chances to partner up and improve your chance of winning that round.